Thursday, January 22, 2009


Before I show u my latest work, i would like to show u some of my earlier artworks :)

This was the Hari Raya greeting card i made when i was 18 years old. 1997. Those day I was a student at Johor. U could see the nickname "Tayub" at the right bottom. This name i got from friends when they combined my name 'Taib + Yeop'. Yeop is the general name to call Perakian. I sent this card to my family at hometown.

I'm very surprised when my mother show me this card when I'm taking a holiday at hometown last year (2008). Wow!!! Thanks mum for keeping my 'artwork' well. I left this piece with my mother. I only captured it with camera.

Let see the next artwork..hehehehe...

This is one of my earlier oil painting. It still hanging at small booth beside my parent house. You could see how I used a lot of raw colour. It sized at 1.5ft x 2 ft. Year 1999. Every time i see this painting, i will smile by myself.

These two paintings would not be for sale. These are my priceless property I have. So, to friends, i advice you DO NOT THROW or TEAR or DISPOSE you old work!!!.. ;)

See ya on the next post!!!


  1. salam perkenalan,

    apa khabar?..
    memang penting simpan painting lama2 nie. Kalau dapat yang masa sekolah atau mula2 pakai warna lagi bagus...

    nanti aku nak kena balik korek lukisan lama2 nie.

    teruskan berkarya.


  2. Salam Fadzlan...Lagi lama lagi lebar senyum bile tgk balik...hehehehe...


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