Friday, January 30, 2009


Now I would like to tell how I became serious into this scene. Before this i just do art only as a hobby. Not more than that. Those time I was very active in music. I had a band called 'Lori Pasir'. We use to play at wedding ceremony around Pasir Gudang, Johor. It just for fun and just to fill the free time. It's continous until we planned to participate the 'battle of the band' at Johor Bahru.

At the last of the minutes... one of member was giving a massage saying that he don't want to involve. So i was feeling very frusted because i got that that news when i just taking some money from bank to pay the fee. So i decided to walk around Johor Bahru City without any meaning. Just walk wherever my legs want to go until i met one veteran artist. I'm introducing myself and ask either he do an art class or not. He is Ismail Attan. He said 'if u really want to learn, just come here and bring all your tools'.

The next week, I came and bring all my tools. Easal, drawing board, pencils etc. The first thing i asked him to teach me is potrait sketch. His way to teach was very simple. He said 'jus do it...i'll guie u from time to time'. So i started to do the sketch. Taking photo from newspaper and do it in pencil sketch. Day by day i became enjoy even i only go to his place at weekend.

I'm not only learning about art. I also learnt how to comunicate. Because his place is an open space so we met different people every day.

One month after, i got my first potrait order. Those day i charge in very cheap price. Only MYR20.00 per head. I was feeling so happy and the order was continous. My parctice became more harder. When i had a difficulty, Ismail will help with his comment. So i learnt to absorb he comment and apply it into my sketch.

I love to do watercolor painting but for the first 3 month, i did focus only on Black n Whit portait sketch. I believed, whatever we want to do, do focus on one thing until u become expert and then u could go to the next thing.

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